Our history

LOOM Fair Trade is a non-profit cooperative founded in 2014 with the aim of supporting fair trade projects and establish relationships and shared strategies with the producers and their organizations. Following the visit to the Craft Link textile laboratories in Vietnam we import handmade scarves and accessories manufactured in compliance with the principles of fair trade. LOOM is inspired by the principles of solidarity economy: · Social justice and respect for human dignity. · Rediscovery and enhancement of traditions. · Respect the safety and health of workers. · Protection of the environment. · Pre-financing for producers on purchases. · Recognition of a profit right and fair. · Support for projects to combat poverty in the poorest communities. · Promoting social inclusion and employment for vulnerable groups, disabled and ethnic minorities.

The partner Craft Link

Craft Link is a Vietnamese non for profit association that for twenty years supports groups of craftsmen with the aim of improving their living conditions promoting marketing support to their hand made products. An important sector is that of scarves. Craft Link is responsible for: · To train professional craftsmen on business management, accounting, costing and pricing, design and quality control. · Promote and sell products by participating in international trade fairs and at their shops in Vietnam. · Ensuring decent remuneration to the artisan textile. · Reinvest profits in development projects in the environment and for combating poverty.

Respect for environment

Fabrics made from yarn 100% natural colors ecological certified Azo-Free Use of filters to purify water

Handmade products

The entire production, from breeding of silkworms, spinning and weaving is done with manual methods by working groups made up of about 25 women artisans. The main activity is the cultivation of rice, but the arable land is insufficient for the entire population and the production of silk is a very important additional source of income for rural communities where poverty is widespread. We work fine yarns that, thanks to the wooden frame take on a unique plot. Each product is different from the others and tells a story handed down with love for many generations.

Social justice and workers' dignity

“Working silk to the frame has allowed me to continue to live in my village and give my children the opportunity to go to school. My job gave me the dignity of life, to have a house and raise my family." Craftswoman from Craft Link of Thai Binh province.

Ecological dyes

Protection for the health of workers and the environment. The German certification body TUV Rheinland a global leader in environmental quality certifications, attesting the use of environmentally friendly dyes AZO Free that is not harmful to humans and the environment. The dyeing process of the scarves involves the use of settling tanks and filters which purify the water.

Quality natural fibers

The yarns used in the production of the scarves are entirely natural and come from the same Vietnamese rural communities of the project. The silk produced on site, thanks to the environment pristine, is among the most valuable and appreciated for its characteristics of strength, softness and pearl white color.

Women are the protagonists

The working groups are made up of 90% of women who deal with all production processes. Their vitality has given a future to the younger generations of the rural communities of the red river delta.

A rainbow of colors

The choice of colors is one of the most important moments. The use of environmentally friendly dyes allows us to offer a very wide range of colors. The dyeing techniques that use allow the artisan to obtain a special brightness of colors.