Tips for Washing

LOOM Fair Trade scarves are made using natural fibers and azo-free ecological dyes.

The production process guarantees the protection of workers' health and the environment.  

We recommend separate hand washing from other garments. 

Fill the basin with cold water, add the low-duty detergent and soak the scarf. Move it without wringing, to avoid damaging the fibers. 

A slight colour release is possible during washing. This will not compromise the colour of your scarf.  

To ensure greater dye fixation, soak it for few minutes in cold water with a tablespoon of salt and half glass of white vinegar. This method is useful both for exalting and fixing the colour. 

Hang out the scarf in a shaded place and avoid using clasps.

With these simple tips LOOM Fair Trade scarves in silk, cotton and linen will remain soft and bright for a long time.